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Ridge Top Terrace is a beautiful townhome community located in Fairfax, Virginia.  We are conveniently close to the City of Fairfax, as well as numerous landmarks in Northern Virginia.  Located within 30 miles of Washington, DC, our residents have easy access to museums, theaters, sports events, shopping, and much more. 

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Current announcements and other information is also listed below.


Linden Tree Spraying Scheduled
The second spraying of the Linden Trees will be done on Friday, July 24th.  If you have a Linden Tree in your front yard, please be aware that it will be sprayed for Aphids on... [more]

Fairfax Center Area Study
 Phase II of the Fairfax Center Area Study is now underway. Phase II will focus on ComprehensivePlan recommendations for the Suburban Center portion of the area, as is illustrated in the map... [more]

What to do if a tree hits your house
Tree Hit Your House? 4 Steps to Follow  
Emotions can run high in times of emergency, and when a tree hits your home instincts may leave you stalled. Please remember, if a tree hits your... [more]

Approved Maintenance - Decks and Fences
Did you know that decks and fences are only supposed to be treated with a clearcoat water sealant.  They are not to be painted.  They are also not to be stained a color.

The... [more]

Do your gutters need cleaning?
Checklist – Do you need to have your gutters cleaned?       Water isn’t draining from the downspouts       Gutters are clogged with... [more]

Approved Paint Chart
Ridge Top Terrace has an approved paint chart that must be used if you are painting any part of the exterior of your house.

See the attached document for colors.

If your front door... [more]

No Parking at 4035 Ridge Top Road
Hello All - The HOA Board and Management realize that there is very limited parking within the community.  In fact there are a total of eleven (11) parking spaces, which are to be used for... [more]

Exhaust Vent Covers
Management will be conducting the annual maintenance inspection in a few days.  One of the items we frequently see is

that covers are missing from exhaust vents. 

This... [more]

Street Lights Out - Report to Management
It has been reported that some of the street lights are out in the community. Normally our management company visits the community during the day twice a month. If you notice any street lights out,... [more]

Selling Your Property

You must provide a Resale Disclosure Packet to your prospective purchaser.  This packet is available from our management company, Stephens & Company.  It may take up to 14 days to obtain the packet, so please allow for this time.

All exterior modifications require the submission of an Application for Exterior Modification.  This form is available on the website under 'Covenants'. 

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